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Loose Trucks

Trying to nail a trick is like trying to perfect an IPA, it takes practice. Lots of practice. In our never-ending pursuit of hop happiness,

Stir Hazy

Overloaded with Northern and Southern Hemisphere hops: Ekuanot, Nelson Sauvin, and Galaxy.  Juicy, tropical and smoother than Richard Pryor in a Texas prison.

Cloud Crusher

Pineapple and tropical fruit precipitates from this insanely crushable double IPA. Copious amounts of Mandarina Bavaria, Mosaic, Ekuanot and El Dorado hops work together to

Jetty Water

The perfect American Blonde ale for soaking up the sun in beautiful Huntington Beach.


When we first rubbed and smelled Strata, we knew we had to get our hands on some. Since then we have brewed with it a

Briisky Business

Brewed to celebrate the the first anniversary of our rad buds at Heritage BBQ in San Juan Capistrano. Looking to brew a beer that was

Riip Lite

American Lite Lager. Your Dad’s Bbq, lawnmower, pool, and boardwalk beer all rolled into one. An extraordinarily light lager perfect for staying hydrated on any

Donnie Danko

A deliciously evil amount of hops will have you seeing devilishly delightful visions. Azacca, Centennial, CTZ, Mosaic and Samba will possess your tastebuds and haunt

Black Fang: Tiger’s Blood

Inspiration for this beer comes from the Hawaiian Islands and their ubiquitous shaved ice. Tiger’s Blood is a hearty blend of strawberry, watermelon and coconut.

Haleakala Honi

Everyone remembers their first trip to Hawaii and the bounty of fresh tropical goodness that is ever present on the islands. We brewed this hazy

Wave Snake

Dropping in and snaking a wave is looked sternly upon by the entire surf community. But when it comes to choosing hops for our newest hazy release, we dive

Nibbed for your Pleasure

A staggering amount of cocoa powder, dark chocolate chips and cacao nibs make up the decadent chocolate experience in your glass. The base beer was

Oolong Time Coming

Tropical IPA Collaboration with Flatland Brewing Co. Almost two years in the making, this collaboration is an expression of both our breweries. Flatland is well-known


Most brewers have an affinity for rustic Belgian saisons. We are no different. with and instinctive inclination toward old world malt varieties, we paired German

Sittin’ Priddy

Playfully named after the our beloved mustachioed brewer, Danny Priddy, this crusher showcases massive, modern hop aromas and flavors in a relatively low octane liquid.

Summit Plummet

Out here on the West Coast we love to free fall & plummet onto the warm beaches of So Cal. Discernably hopped with two classics,


Like the name implies, this pale ale explodes with radical Citra bodaciousness! Juicy and fruity with just barely enough bitterness, the hops burst out of

Gimpy McGee

Our brewer, Danny, didn’t stumble when he put together the recipe for this modern IPA. We started by building a secure footing of American 2-row