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Chain Out

West Coast IPA with Mosaic & Strata. Meticulously line up your putt, deliberately float your disc through the air toward the elusive basket, chains clang……

Death Coast

Collaboration with our rad friends at Ghost Town Brewing Co. Riding high on a bare bones grist of pilsner malt,HBC 586 Cryo, Mosaic and Riwaka

Wannabe Wallaby

While still technically an experimental hop varietal, HBC 586, is poised to become the next big thing, at least in the minds of our brewers.

Playa Nublada

Hopped w/ citra, mosaic, and simcoe. Ubiquitously referred to as “the trinity”, the citra, mosaic, and simcoe blend effortlessly to take the juice to the

Tangible Passion

Belgian Witbier with Passion Fruit. Slightly tart and sublime flavors of ripe passion fruit playfully engage all of your tastebuds. Inspired by the beauty of


We are not very good with acronyms around here, but this one wrote itself.

Loose Trucks

Trying to nail a trick is like trying to perfect an IPA, it takes practice. Lots of practice. In our never-ending pursuit of hop happiness,

Flannels and Flip Flops

Inspired by the countless nights of our youth spent munching s’mores, hiding our stash and trying to avoid the impending flashlights of  lifeguards, this beer

Strategic Arrangement

Sometimes we brew beers just because we want to drink them. This is one of those beers. With the days getting shorter and the weather

Jetty Water

The perfect American Blonde ale for soaking up the sun in beautiful Huntington Beach.

Appetite for Dankstruction

Brewed in collaboration with 1886 in celebration of their second anniversary. We share many of the same common interests with our buddies at 1886, music,

Foggy D & the Cloud Clan

Three giants, Mosaic, Simcoe and HBC692, hold dominion from atop the clouds and reign down upon us their delicious lupulin-laden liquid. Let your tastebuds will

Tri Clamp Ninja

If you spend enough time deep in the cellar you are bound to acquire a certain set of specialized skills. Wielding the mighty tri clamp,

The Fantastical Commish

This is the breakout beer of the season. Leading the charge is our friend and forever Commissioner, Adam Rank. When we sat down to hash

Mandarina Rustica

Barke Pilsner Malt, spelt sand oats create a simple, but perfect, rustic backdrop for Mandarina Bavaria hops to shine in all of their tangerine glory.

Jack Swollington

Emerging from Halloweentown and getting riipped and ready for the holidaze, Jack Swollington pumps countless pounds of Citra, Mosaic and Strata into this double dry-hopped,

For the Love of the Beard

This one’s for all your favorite people, hipster or not, proudly sporting an abundance of fantastic facial furriness. Beards and beers just naturally go together.

Sittin’ Priddy

Playfully named after the our beloved mustachioed brewer, Danny Priddy, this crusher showcases massive, modern hop aromas and flavors in a relatively low octane liquid.

Riip Kriispies

Riip Kriispies, 4.8% Rice Lager. Snap, Krackle, Hop!!! An extraordinarily smooth lager that’s light-bodied, soft, and toasty. Czech hops provide a restrained hop bitterness and