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Jetty Water

The perfect American Blonde ale for soaking up the sun in beautiful Huntington Beach.

Haze with No Name

“Well, I’ve been through the desert on a Haze with No Name” Ummmm, that’s not how it goes…. but this hazy crusher will quench your

Tri Clamp Ninja

If you spend enough time deep in the cellar you are bound to acquire a certain set of specialized skills. Wielding the mighty tri clamp,

Double Neltra

Even more Citra, even more Nelson Sauvin! Extra awesomeness, super hop candy.


Designed to showcase two of our all-time favorite hop varieties, the grist left as simple as can be, using only North American 2-row.

2022 The Riizzo

Imperial Stout with Dozer Coffee and Vanilla. Two of our favorite things in the world, coffee and beer, play joyfully together in this celebration of

Briisky Business

Brewed to celebrate the the first anniversary of our rad buds at Heritage BBQ in San Juan Capistrano. Looking to brew a beer that was

Riip Lite

American Lite Lager. Your Dad’s Bbq, lawnmower, pool, and boardwalk beer all rolled into one. An extraordinarily light lager perfect for staying hydrated on any

Mandarina Rustica

Barke Pilsner Malt, spelt sand oats create a simple, but perfect, rustic backdrop for Mandarina Bavaria hops to shine in all of their tangerine glory.

Black Fang: Blue Hawaiian

Inspiration for this beer comes from the Hawaiian Islands and their ubiquitous shaved ice. Blue Hawaiian is full of punchy, fruity, fruit punch flavors .

Gnarly Bro

Barleywines have always been a gnawsome addition to any brewery’s repertoire. We have wanted to brew the gnar gnar for quite some time and we

Let ‘er Riip City

Ruse Brewing Co has been cranking out some of the finest beers Rip City has to offer since its inception and we jumped at the

Destroyed By Faction

Destroyed By Faction, 5.5% ABV Pale Ale. Rodger and the Faction Brewing crew decimated our hop stash to bring you this modern pale banger! Columbus

Recreational Vehicle

Travelling around our beautiful STATE can be an adventure. Make sure you pack plenty of FLUIDs loaded with  Citra Incognito, HBC 630 Cryo, Citra and

Playa Nublada

Hopped w/ citra, mosaic, and simcoe. Ubiquitously referred to as “the trinity”, the citra, mosaic, and simcoe blend effortlessly to take the juice to the

Death Coast

Collaboration with our rad friends at Ghost Town Brewing Co. Riding high on a bare bones grist of pilsner malt,HBC 586 Cryo, Mosaic and Riwaka

Tangible Passion

Belgian Witbier with Passion Fruit. Slightly tart and sublime flavors of ripe passion fruit playfully engage all of your tastebuds. Inspired by the beauty of

Loose Trucks

Trying to nail a trick is like trying to perfect an IPA, it takes practice. Lots of practice. In our never-ending pursuit of hop happiness,

Cast a Pink Shadow

The Pink Boots Society was created to assist, inspire and encourage women, beer industry professionals, to advance their careers through education. Brewed in collaboration with many

Guilded Together

Brewed in conjuction with and in support of the Orange County Brewers Guild utilizing HBC630 and Idaho 7.