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Double Dan K

Originally brewed to celebrate 5 years of riip beer co. We decided to double up one on our favorite IPA’s. Dan K has been  a

Strategic Arrangement

Sometimes we brew beers just because we want to drink them. This is one of those beers. With the days getting shorter and the weather

Tangible Passion

Belgian Witbier with Passion Fruit. Slightly tart and sublime flavors of ripe passion fruit playfully engage all of your tastebuds. Inspired by the beauty of

Jetty Water

The perfect American Blonde ale for soaking up the sun in beautiful Huntington Beach.

Pacifist Pelican

From our patio, you can see the beautiful Bolsa Chica Wetlands; if you are lucky and you watch closely you may see the California Brown

Tri Clamp Ninja

If you spend enough time deep in the cellar you are bound to acquire a certain set of specialized skills. Wielding the mighty tri clamp,

Riip Lite

American Lite Lager. Your Dad’s Bbq, lawnmower, pool, and boardwalk beer all rolled into one. An extraordinarily light lager perfect for staying hydrated on any

Mandarina Rustica

Barke Pilsner Malt, spelt sand oats create a simple, but perfect, rustic backdrop for Mandarina Bavaria hops to shine in all of their tangerine glory.

For the Love of the Beard

This one’s for all your favorite people, hipster or not, proudly sporting an abundance of fantastic facial furriness. Beards and beers just naturally go together.


Cashmere, Mosaic and Simcoe lead the charge in our never-ending journey for hop dominance. employed for their high comncentrations of the monoterpene, Myrcene, these three

Riip to be Square

” You like Huey Lewis and the News”, This modern take on the classic pale ale is shockingly loaded with two killer hops, Idaho 7

Nibbed for your Pleasure

A staggering amount of cocoa powder, dark chocolate chips and cacao nibs make up the decadent chocolate experience in your glass. The base beer was

Dankster Squad

Mosaic and Simcoe form a special unit whose mission is to take down your tastebuds. The mob of hops dominates the malt base with bright

Solo Triip : Simcoe

This single hop series was developed to showcase each hop varietal in all its glory. This batch focused on Simcoe. Simcoe was used in every