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Chain Out

West Coast IPA with Mosaic & Strata. Meticulously line up your putt, deliberately float your disc through the air toward the elusive basket, chains clang……

Wet Hop Gimpier McGee

Injuries are never fun, especially the ones that keep you from doing something you love and are passionate about, like brewing beer. Unfortunately for our


German-style Pilsner. Loosely translated as “River Kooks”, our first pilsner pays homage to the kooks that surf the rivers of Germany all year long. By

Super Karl

After contemplating for a while, we decided to brew up a Fogadelic version of our classic WCIPA, Super Cali. Like his clear, bright brother, Karl


Designed to showcase two of our all-time favorite hop varieties, the grist left as simple as can be, using only North American 2-row.

Suite Life

Collaboration with North Park Beer Company. American Pale Ale hopped with Citra, Mosaic, Simcoe and Strata.

The Riizzo

Imperial Stout with Dozer Coffee and Vanilla. Two of our favorite things in the world, coffee and beer, play joyfully together in this celebration of

Send City

Collaboration with El Segundo Brewing Co. West Coast DIPA w/ Enigma, HBC 586 and Mosaic Cryo. Sometimes the world can be a dangerous place, and

West Coast Warriors

Northern California heavies, Ghost Town Brewing Co, joined us to engage in luponic combat. Hard hitting aromas of strikingly dank and ripe fruit will bludgeon


A mythical creature come to life, Trinormous has only been speculated on and whispered about until today. Unable to tame the beast, our brewers are

Briisky Business

Brewed to celebrate the the first anniversary of our rad buds at Heritage BBQ in San Juan Capistrano. Looking to brew a beer that was

WET HOP Stratacaster

When we first rubbed and smelled Strata, we knew we had to get our hands on some. Since then we had had a chance to

WET HOP Strataday Afternoon

West Coast Blonde Ale. Mowing the lawn? Watching the game? No matter what you are doing this weekend, this dry hopped blonde is the ideal

The Fantastical Commish

This is the breakout beer of the season. Leading the charge is our friend and forever Commissioner, Adam Rank. When we sat down to hash

Hop Shredder

Galaxy, Mosaic and Nelson Sauvin shred the finest lines in this east coast/ west coast mash up. Huge hop aromas and flavor, minimal bitterness, light

Riip Lite

American Lite Lager. Your Dad’s Bbq, lawnmower, pool, and boardwalk beer all rolled into one. An extraordinarily light lager perfect for staying hydrated on any

Mandarina Rustica

Barke Pilsner Malt, spelt sand oats create a simple, but perfect, rustic backdrop for Mandarina Bavaria hops to shine in all of their tangerine glory.

Donnie Danko

A deliciously evil amount of hops will have you seeing devilishly delightful visions. Azacca, Centennial, CTZ, Mosaic and Samba will possess your tastebuds and haunt

Foggy Harbour

Generously hopped with Citra, Ekuanot and Nelson, this “foggy” pale ale delivers bright flavors of ripe mango, papaya and tangerine.

Tri Clamp Ninja

If you spend enough time deep in the cellar you are bound to acquire a certain set of specialized skills. Wielding the mighty tri clamp,

Dank Poets Society

“Oh Captain, my Captain.” It’s no secret we love hops. With one sip of this DIPA, you are invited to join our not-so-secret society of

Super Cali

West Coast-style IPA. A favorite amongst the Riip family. This IPA is fully loaded with Mosaic and Citra hops from beginning to end. There’s nothing

Playa Nublada

Hopped w/ citra, mosaic, and simcoe. Ubiquitously referred to as “the trinity”, the citra, mosaic, and simcoe blend effortlessly to take the juice to the

Tangible Passion

Belgian Witbier with Passion Fruit. Slightly tart and sublime flavors of ripe passion fruit playfully engage all of your tastebuds. Inspired by the beauty of


Like the name implies, this pale ale explodes with radical Citra bodaciousness! Juicy and fruity with just barely enough bitterness, the hops burst out of

Jetty Water

The perfect American Blonde ale for soaking up the sun in beautiful Huntington Beach.

Gummiberry Crush

There’s no mistaking the intense flavors of sweet cherry and ripe raspberry present in this Springtime celebration ale. The base beer was designed to enhance

Black the Riipper

This beer riips!!! Jam-packed with Mosaic, Simcoe and El Dorado, Black the Riipper lives up to it’s name sake and slays your tastebuds. Keep your

Foggy D & the Cloud Clan

Three giants, Mosaic, Simcoe and HBC692, hold dominion from atop the clouds and reign down upon us their delicious lupulin-laden liquid. Let your tastebuds will

Pacifist Pelican

From our patio, you can see the beautiful Bolsa Chica Wetlands; if you are lucky and you watch closely you may see the California Brown


When we first rubbed and smelled Strata, we knew we had to get our hands on some. Since then we have brewed with it a

Things for your Dom

Traditionally, Kölsch is a regional beer brewed only in and around the city of Cologne. To brew ours, we built a simple but heady foundation